7 Tips for Patient-Centered Care


It was only 2 weeks ago that SIIM 2016 was kicking off, but it feels like it’s far off in the rear-view mirror now. There were so many great sessions – and I’m already looking forward to see what SIIM17 has in store.

One of the presentations that I find replaying in my mind is the Opening session, ‘Leveraging Innovation to Drive Patient Centered Care’, by Rasu Shrestha.

In the presentation he laid out 7 tips for Patient-Centered Care.

They are as follows with a few comments I’ve added below some of the items.

  1. Forget what you know – Challenge the status quo
  2. Humanize care – Understand that on the other end of the screen is a patient
  3. Embrace design thinking – We replicated the analog world instead of embracing new tech opportunity
  4. Tame the data beast – Connect big data to big insights
  5. Focus on simplicity – We don’t want to just add things, we want to make sure we’re also taking things away.
  6. Fear less – Embrace failure
  7. Aim for behavior change – Innovation at the end of the day is about behavior change

Of the 7 points, the three that really connected with me were the following:

Forget what you know:

This reminds of the concept of ‘Beginner’s Mind’ in Zen practice. There’s a saying that goes, “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few.”

Humanize care:

Of all the points listed, this is the one that hit me the most. I see this often with vendors and Healthcare IT professionals stuck in the mindset of building or fixing IT solutions. It’s easy to forget that the whole purpose behind the solution we’re providing is to serve the patient.

Fear less – embrace failure:

Simply put failure can be an amazing tool. The idea of embracing failure reminded me of this quote by Bill Gates: “It is fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”

Once again – Thanks to all for putting on a great conference this year at SIIM16.


Jason N